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KB #0000012

Category: Pixbend Player FAQ - Last Updated: Sep 10, 2008

Video and/or sound are having problems with skipping

The reason for this is most likely that your computer isn't fast enough to play Pixbend movies.

First, try exiting all unnecessary processes and services running in system while playing movies. Some applications may eat a lot of cpu cycles.

If you believe your computer should be able to play movies fine, check which renderer is currently used to display video in properties File Menu->Properties->Codec Tab->Video Section->Renderer; fastest renderers are “OVL - …” and “D3D - …”. If none of the fastest renderers is currently used, check video rendering options in File Menu->Preferences->Video Tab->Rendering Section; the following should be selected: “Use overlay…” (not in Vista with Aero mode turned on), “Allow YV12 format” and “Use Direct3D…”. If after having set proper rendering options current renderer remains the same, it is likely that there is a problem with your DirectX configuration: contact the video card manufacturer to obtain and install the latest drivers.